About us

Why did you launch APRTF?

2020 – The world was in flux and it was time for a fresh start. We at APRTF paused and reviewed everything that was happening in our lives. We took stock of our lifestyle, the crazy way in which we worked and we reflected on our habits. We recognised that a better balance was needed and this included our choice of drinks. We craved no and low alcohol drinks which would bring balance.

About the drink

Is there any alcohol in APRTF?

APRTF is alcohol-free, 0%. We created APRTF so people can still enjoy their favourite cocktails with no alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise.

Do you have plans to branch out into other products?

Yes, we plan to branch out into a range of products, including low alcohol drinks.

How do you recommend drinking APRTF?

To create a beautiful summer spritz, we recommend serving 50ml of APRTF with tonic water, ice and of course, a slice of orange. APRTF can also be used as a mixer with some of your favourite alcoholic drinks to create a negroni style cocktail.

£19.99 is a lot of money for something that has no duty?

We are currently producing small batches of our product, so our costs are higher than large scale producers. As we grow, the cost of production will fall. Our product has to go through a range of testing processes which is both expensive and laborious, but we believe the flavour of APRTF is worth all the hard work. There are of course cheaper alternatives out there, but we want to use the best techniques to create the best flavour.

The bottle is hard to open and close, why is this?

We have had feedback that the current design of stopper can be difficult to use and we are addressing this. We are already looking at alternatives which will be used in future batches.

Is APRTF only available in 70cl?

After the successful launch of our first 70cl APRTF bottle, we are launching a 50cl and a 25cl APRTF in February 2022.


Is APRTF suitable for those with an alcohol addiction or currently in recovery from alcohol addiction?

APRTF is an alcohol-free product but if you’re looking to completely avoid alcohol for dependency reasons, or because you’re concerned about possible relapse, APRTF might not be for you. Before you make the decision to buy APRTF, we’d recommend asking the advice of someone professional who has supported you on your journey.

Is APRTF suitable to drink if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes, it’s alcohol-free so it is safe in pregnancy and when breast feeding.

Can I drink APRTF if I am driving?

Yes, as it’s alcohol-free, you can drink APRTF and be the designated driver.

What’s in it?

Is APRTF gluten free?

Yes, APRTF is gluten free.

I am vegan, can I drink APRTF?

Yes, you can drink APRTF in the knowledge that it is vegan friendly.

What ingredients are included in APRTF?

Cranberry concentrate, water, wormwood, orange peel, potassium sorbate, citric acid and glycerol.

How many calories in a serving?

We are happy to say that there are only 10 calories in every 50ml serving of APRTF. When served with a slimline tonic, it’s a fantastic low-calorie drink.

Is there sediment in my bottle?

It is a natural product so it is possible for some of the tinctures to settle at the bottom of the bottle. There is no need to worry about this, once the bottle has been agitated, it will disappear.

Sales and Shipping

Where can I buy APRTF?

Other than right here on the APRTF website, you’ll find our drinks over on Amazon. Use our Stockists page for an up-to-date list of all stockists near you.